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Nhandu Chromatus Tarantula

Nhandu chromatus or Brazilian black or white tarantulas are spiders that are captive-easy and readily feed. They eat other spiders, cockroach, and other creepers.

These eight-legged creatures can also be housed in any kind of container.  They can be kept in any plastic wares or glassrium.  A vivarium or converted aquarium is also ideal in a sense that it can creep around in a larger room. It has to have at least a cubic foot (30x30x30 cm, 12x12x12 inch) for a grown spider or an adult.  Also, more compartments and floors should also be provided.  These terrestrial insects enjoyed burrowing so you might want to put a definite amount of soil in their cribs. You should also provide ventilation for the Brazilian black or white tarantulas but make it sure that it has the required humidity.

The spiderlings are kept in waxworm tubs. When they grew older, they can be kept in larger livefood tubs. It is also beneficial and enjoyable for tarantulas if they have a nice display tank.

No need for decors or anything that would make the aquarium beautiful, in a sense that it would look to humans appealing. At least, an object where the tarantula can climb and hunt for food should be put in the aquarium. A plant may be put but it is not essential as part of the aquarium. One must avoid sharp edges and rough textures in making a house for tarantulas.

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