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Molting Chaco Golden Knee

Molting process of Chaco Golden Knee pictures.

One of the larger species of tarantula, the Chaco golden knee or also known as Grammostola pulchripes, formerly known by Grammostola aureostriata. It can be expected to reach between 20 to 22 cm or 8.5 inches. The Chaco is an opportunistic burrowing terrestrial tarantula: they tend to burrow while younger and adopt a pre existing hide as its home when it begins to mature. Chaco golden knee is quite flashy in appearance, bearing long light colored hairs all over its body and gold stripes on its legs, particularly at the knees. This is a good display species as it often sits in plain view. When this tarantula was first imported into the pet trade, it was thought to be a variant of the Pink zebra beauty species, but it is significantly larger and can easily be distinguished by those familiar with both species. The Chaco Golden Knee makes a great display tarantula, they are very docile and perfect for any beginner.

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